Thinking About Scouts? (FAQs, and Contact Us!)

FAQs, and Contact Us!


Email with any questions you may have, or click on "Contact the Leaders" to find the name and email address for the den leader for your child's grade.

Below are some other frequently asked questions, and their answers!

What's the difference between a "pack" and a "den"?

Cub Scouts are made up dens, which are all of the kids in the same grade level.  The dens then come to together to form a Pack.  (Think of the pack as a school, and the den is the class, with a den leader like the class teacher.)

Who is in Pack 501? Can anyone join?

Cub Scouts is open to all children in kindergarten through 5th grade. There are no requirements for town of residence or school enrollment, though most of the cubs in Pack 501 live in or around South Los Altos and Sunnyvale, and attend Montclaire, West Valley and Pinewood.

We follow the school calendar, but children can join at any time of the year, and at any point in their K-5th grade years.

When and where do meetings take place?

The Pack meetings are typically the first or second Friday of each month at 7 pm, and pack events are typically on weekends. Last year pack meetings were held virtually, but we have been holding more events in-person, outdoors. Check our home page for our updated pack schedule!

Den meetings are usually held once or twice per month, and the day/time and place for each den varies, based on the den parents' and den leader's schedules. Please check with the leader for your child's grade level to learn more about the den schedule.

When can we sign up?

Kids are welcome to join the Pack at any time during the year, but most start at the beginning of the school year.  Throughout the year Scouts earn different “adventures,” which are a set of themed activities.  Some of the adventures are required and some are optional to earn your "rank."  If your child joins midway through the school year, your den leader can try to work with your family so your Scout can complete the missed adventures as a family, or you can decide not to worry about earning rank this year and just complete the remaining adventures with the den.  There is no requirement to earn rank before the end of the year.

More questions?

Email, or the den leader for your child's grade, and we'd be happy to answer!