About This Template

Looking for a Pack Website? 

This Google Sites Template is the perfect website for any Cub Scout Pack.  You can try it for free and pay only if you launch it live.  

Below are the 8 benefits of using this website...

Loaded with Content

Saves Months of Time

Step-by-Step Instructions

Google Integration

Promotes Teamwork

Stands the Test of Time

Helps Recruiting


Get Started Now

Perfect to start out a new site with, take it and make it your own.

   Pack 94 - Catasauqua, PA

This template is a must-have. 

Pack 931 - Justin, TX

Well thought out, very well laid out, with more scouting related stuff than you can shake a stick at. 

Pack 617 - North Tonawanda, NY

Anyone who can follow instructions can make this site their own very easily. The best template I've seen yet.

Pack 189 - Salina, OK

The instructions are great. Very easy to follow and in an order that makes sense.

Pack 241 Boynton Beach, FL

Great instructions... I knew nothing about Google websites before I started this, and now I feel very comfortable that I can make any changes that I want to.

Pack 236 - Montgomery County, MD